Retiring my WinXP. Farewell old friend.

So yesterday I finally called it a day, time to say goodbye to my long served faithful Windows XP. Some might giggle about the faithful bit part, but in fact it is. I made it faithful and it never failed me because I made it to be fail-proof. A flash back bring me to the late of 2003 when I decided to move from Windows 98.. lol yeah I know I'm always one step late, but it is intentionally.

Then why now? A reminder notification tell me that it is about the time, next month Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP. I could hang out a bit longer but it is unavoidable sooner or later, I had gone this far for sentimental reason lol.

Before upgrading (it's a clean install btw), I took time to learn about the options, Windows 7 or Windows 8. You bet I would take Windows 7 and after reading some references, it confirmed my choice, Win7 to go. I download all the necessary files: drivers, tools, etc. I backed up some stuff: firefox profiles (11 profiles, 11 shortcuts), 3 VirtualBox images (1 XP basic preconfigured as backup; 1 XP for daily job; 1 XP for experiments, virus isolation etc), 2 ghost XP images (just in case if I don't like the new OS), all other necessary files already stored in different drive. And I'm good to go.

So far I kinda like this new friend, I'm still tweaking it and adapting to the new environment. The first thing I always do is to make it as my physical job desk, like I did to my physical office when still working offline. You can call me silly but I did make sure my monitor, keyboard, mouse in a certain position. My chair, sticky notes, files binders, stationery, ashtray (smoking is not healthy, I warn you), all in a such precise order. And I would know at first glance when one of them misplaced for whatever reason.

No, I'm not trying to be a dick perfectionist whatsoever, I'm far from that. It's just, that's what save my ass regularly. That's why all these years all my computers have never failed me. Even none of them ever need replacement for whatever reason, even not for hardware failures. The reason is I could always foretell whenever bad things about to happened. Of course I won't let it happens and take actions to deal with it before things get worse. And I'm well prepared with backups just in case no proper solution is available. Again I might sound silly but even unusual HD sound and light or the sound of fan would alert me. But yeah you have to mentally knowing the "usual" before can tell what the "unusual" thingies, right? Well, if you long enough in front of computer there are things that you would memories by reflex, how long a program to load, busy cursor habits, etc. And if you're like me, I monitored my outgoing and incoming connections. So I'm in good hands, my own hands.  

And whenever I buy a new one then gave the old friend to my brothers.. They only last for several months lol. The last one I gave to my brother 3 years ago, already need replacements for 2 motherboards, 1 power supply and frequent reinstall the OS. While mine is stay as a faithful servant 24/7. Yep, I never shut it down, only when electrical power goes off then it rest. Well, at times I had at least 2 VPS, 1 linux only for SSH tunneling and 1 Windows for SEO purposes. Both cheap ones, won't cost me more than $10 a month. But still I never turn off my personal PC, even when I'm sleep. It's just an old habit.

Now you would know why I called my Windows XP is an old faithful friend, it sings me lullabies and sound a sirine to wake me up whenever my MT4 alert's triggered, etc etc.. So long old friend, I'd still have you on my VirtualBox though. Anyway the new guy is quite awesome, it even has a built-in sticky note a neat little thing, but I'm gonna stick to Notepad++ for now. 


Why Liverpool deserve success

This. This deserve a full quote for every football fans to read. For those who have YNWA in their hearts, try not to slip a tear like I did.

'Why Liverpool deserve success'


Every Saturday, I am sent to a Premier League game by talkSPORT and this season I've visited Anfield four times. It is one of this country's football temples so it is an honour to go there.

Each time I am there I take a few minutes to stand across the road from the Shankly Gates and amidst the football-loving fans and tourists taking pictures, I read through all the names on the Hillsborough memorial.

On Saturday I followed that routine again, and then watched Liverpool thrash Fulham to go second in the table.

Football isn't decided by sentiment; it rightfully dictates that the team with the most points at the end of the season will be champions. But if there is one set of fans who deserve to win the title this season, it's Liverpool supporters. And this is why.

Liverpool last won the title a year after the Hillsborough tragedy. In all that time those fans have been lied to, lied about and generally treated appallingly. Hillsborough police changed their stories to try to pin the blame for the tragedy on Liverpool fans.

Parents of fans who lost their lives that day were told bluntly they couldn't touch their loved ones because the bodies 'belonged' to the coroner. There is evidence that the majority of those who died could have been saved had the police reacted in the right way, instead of instantly thinking it was down to hooliganism.

Liverpool fans were blamed for an appalling tragedy that wasn't their fault. They've had to endure the pain and lies of all that followed for years, for decades.

My memories of what I saw on TV that day are of Liverpool fans using advertising hoardings as makeshift stretchers to have stricken fans taken away for treatment. I also remember Liverpool fans in the upper tier trying to drag as many fans up from the packed pens below. Liverpool fans acted heroically on April 15, 1989.

It wasn't until last year that the original inquests were quashed. Nothing can bring back those who lost their lives but for the first time since the tragedy, Liverpool fans know that the truth is out there now, and nobody can tell lies anymore.

It is impossible to overstate how important that decision over the inquests was to Liverpool Football Club.The 96 who died will never be forgotten.

The Liverpool fans have been through enough. It's time they had something to shout about, something they can properly enjoy.

The pain was too raw for true title celebration in 1990. The Champions League win in 2005 was miraculous - but once the celebrations subsided, the quest for truth over Hillsborough continued.

It's about time English football paid back its debt to Liverpool Football Club. The Reds put England on the European football map in the 1970s and 1980s. And then England treated the club and its fans like dirt.

May the best team win the Premier League this season, but if there is any justice and sentiment left in football, Liverpool will be champions come May.Next time you're at Anfield, take the time to read the names on the Hillsborough Memorial by the Shankly Gates.

They should not be forgotten.

Source: Daily Mail


The story of a football club sometimes is not always about football. And this what I admire the most in the Reds fans. Not because I myself had been a Reds for years. But there's something that you will never find on other club fans, the YNWA feeling. It's not just a football slogan or motto. The Reds live it as a way, the Liverpool way. Through the tragedy, the intrigues, they stand strong as a family. For the Justice!

At the end of the storm. Is a golden sky. Walk on through the wind. Walk on through the rain. Though your dreams be tossed and blown. Walk on walk on with hope in your heart. And you'll never walk alone.


Kenali Penipuan Skema Ponzi

Greatest Scammer Charles PonziIni sesuatu yang cukup mengganggu pikiran saya. Sudah terlalu banyak korban dari banyak skema penipuan ponzi ini. Banyak korban adalah orang yang saya kenal dekat. Ada permainan psikologis yang selalu akan memakan korban. Bahkan orang-orang terpelajar dengan wawasan dan pengetahuan yang luas. Kenapa bisa terjadi? Dengarkan dongeng saya berikut ini.

Penipuan skema ponzi serupa dengan kejahatan narkoba, sering terjadi dan masih akan sering terjadi. Ada faktor kecanduan di sini. Candu keserakahan. Candu kesuksesan. Candu yang melumpuhkan akal sehat, yang membuai korban dengan khayalan yang nampak nyata. Ada fase dimana sistem ini akan membuat korban high/fly serasa di awang-awang. Lumpuh logika. Tidak mau mendengar nasihat bahkan dari orang yang dipercayai. Tidak mau melihat kejanggalan yang mereka sendiri sudah nampak. Namanya juga lagi fly, semua terasa indah coy.

Juga sama seperti candu cinta, kalau cinta sudah melekat, tahi kambing terasa cokelat. Sedap. Orang yang sedang jatuh cinta, dikasih tahu bahaya masuk jurang pun bukan nya jadi sadar tapi malah seolah makin menambah romantika. Gak papa lah masuk jurang asalkan tetap bersama. Meninggal lah. "Ini sesuatu yang tidak bisa dijelaskan". "Kalian tidak akan bisa mengerti". Demikian yang biasanya dibilang para pecinta sejati ya kan.

Mengenali candu dan fase yang menjebak yang ada pada sistem ponzi ini bisa menjadi benteng logika yang bisa menyelamatkan anda dari kebodohan yang paling bodoh yang akan menjadi penyesalan yang paling anda sesali dalam hidup anda. Dan jangan remehkan penipuan jenis ini. Seperti cinta, penipuan ini membodohi anda saat anda merasa pintar, mengecoh anda saat anda merasa tahu. Anda menyadari tapi tidak perduli. Anda sudah tahu tapi tidak mau tahu. Bahkan walaupun bahaya nya jauh lebih besar dari yang awalnya anda kira.

Kunci penipuan ini ada pada permainan kepercayaan dan keserakahan. Para korban umumnya orang-orang yang sudah tahu tentang kejahatan seperti ini, sudah menyadari kejanggalan sistem ini, sudah ada ketidak percayaan kepada sistem ini dan sudah berhati-hati namun tho masih terjerumus juga. Kenapa? Karena sistem ini memang dirancang sempurna untuk mengambil kepercayaan korban nya dahulu (di level awal), di sini para korban masih berhati-hati dengan jumlah uang yang ditanamkan. Dan jumlah uang yang diputarkan pun masih relatif kecil. Ada waiting game di sini, fase dimana mangsa seolah menjadi pemburu.

Lalu setelah kepercayaan didapat, sistem ini memancing keserakahan dengan iming-iming keuntungan fantastis (di level bawah piramid), di sini para korban sudah kehilangan akal sehat. Iming-iming yang dari awal sudah menggoda iman. Tidak hanya memutarkan semua modal awal + profit semu yang sudah didapat, namun bahkan menambah lagi modal dengan jumlah berkali lipat. Bahkan dengan uang pinjaman, jual, gadai harta benda. Para pelaku tahu persis dengan sedikit umpan, para korban akan masuk perangkap tidak hanya sendirian, namun berbondong-bondong mengajak handai taulan. Kan begitu yang biasanya sudah terjadi.

Dalam perkembangannya, para pelaku penipuan sistem ponzi sudah menggunakan segala cara dalam merebut kepercayaan korban. Misalnya dengan menggandeng public figure, tokoh masyarakat, tokoh agama, selebriti dll. Seharusnya kita pilah masalahnya. Kita boleh percaya dengan integritas public figure yang kita percayai tapi kita tidak boleh ceroboh dengan kemungkinan bahwa bisa saja mereka juga akan menjadi korban sama seperti kita. Jangan pernah malas dan sekedar mencari alasan untuk menjadi malas dengan mengharapkan kekayaan/keberhasilan semata-mata dari percaya dengan sesuatu atau seseorang yang mereka sendiri pun tidak tahu bahaya.

Dan terakhir, ingatlah selalu bahwa para penipu sudah berevolusi ke tingkat tertinggi saat ini. Kepercayaan kita harus didasarkan pada hal-hal yang logis dan dalam jangkauan/bisa dipertanggung jawabkan. Sekedar contoh, kita tidak boleh menjadi buta dan percaya hanya karena premise bahwa tidak mungkin seseorang menipu sebab kita tahu orangnya, keluarganya dst. Jadi rasanya tidak mungkin jadi penipu. Ini premise yang super salah. Jika sudah terasa ada sesuatu yang janggal, ukurlah kondisi terburuk yang bisa kita alami dan bandingkan dengan potensi pengembalian kerugian yang bisa dilakukan. Misalkan anda sudah tertipu dalam jumlah besar lalu si penipu mandah pasrah menyerahkan diri ke keadaan yang sudah terlanjur terjadi atau kabur melarikan diri, uang anda sulit kembali bukan? Persoalan akan melebar kemana-mana dan anda tahu sistem penegakan hukum di Indonesia, hilang kambing, diurus ke pihak berwajib, bisa hilang sapi.

Jadi, singkat kata, katakan tidak pada candu keserakahan, kontrol kepercayaan anda, dalam beberapa kasus anda bisa meminta pendapat ahli sebelum memutuskan untuk tertarik dengan apapun yang menggiurkan anda. Tetap tersenyum. Tetap semangat.


Kasus VGMC: Modus baru Skema Ponzi

Ya, kasus ini sudah setahun lalu, tapi jujur saya kurang update dengan berita begini. Jadi saya baru tahu tadi. Jadi begini ceritanya, ciee, saya baru saja melihat postingan di FB tentang MLM seorang ustadz. Sekali lihat aroma skema Ponzi langsung terasa, ada tabel piramida dengan angka fantastis di level terbawah piramida. Biasalah. Saya menghormati ustadz ini jadi saya merasa ada sesuatu yang tidak benar dan penasaran untuk mencari tahu lebih dalam. Seperti biasa saya googling dengan menambah kata kunci scam, penipuan. Lalu ada sebuah info bahwa ada seorang penipu ulung yang ikut terlibat dalam MLM itu. Dari sini saya tahu tentang kasus VGMC Virgin Gold Mining Corp .

Saya tidak tahu begitu banyak tapi secara garis besar ini adalah skema ponzi dengan pelaku scamnya fiktif. Luar biasa, scam fiktif! Jika pada kasus scam serupa lainnya, para pelakunya kabur/ditangkap/dll maka dalam kasus ini tidak terjadi demikian. Terkutuk kwadrat lah. Jahnam. Setelah riset sebentar, saya menemukan bahwa para pelaku nya ternyata masih amatir. Mereka hanya mengandalkan keserakahan, kekurang tahuan korban dan kelemahan penegakan hukum di Indonesia tercinta.

Ini yang saya temukan. Begitu masuk ke situs resmi nya vgmc.com, saya langsung nyengir kuda karena serasa sedang melihat sample site orang jualan template situs. Browsing ke dua - tiga halaman, nyengir saya makin kuda. Portofolio perusahaan macam apa ini? Nampak jelas bahwa situs itu dirancang untuk kebutuhan MLM, dan dikerjakan secara amat amatir. Sama sekali tidak mewakili sebuah perusahaan pertambangan. Lalu saya lakukan whois. Saya tidak tertipu dengan data bahwa domain ini sudah terdaftar sejak 18-jul-2001. Yang saya butuhkan adalah data

Registrar History: 5 registrars
NS History: 11 changes on 6 unique name servers over 10 years.
IP History: 23 changes on 16 unique IP addresses over 9 years.

Sebagai mantan domain shark yang mempunyai beberapa akun VIP (akun yang sudah melakukan pembelian minimal 500 buah domain) di Godaddy, saya mempunyai six sense tertentu. Ini adalah tipikal domain yang sering berpindah tangan, tidak sesuai untuk sebuah perusahaan pertambangan yang sudah establish lama. Untuk memastikan lalu saya cek web archive nya dan....

Arsip data ini otentik dan dari sini kita bisa tahu bahwa dari awal diregister, domain ini lebih sering parkir di registrar. Kemungkinan besar baru dibeli oleh para pelaku pada tahun 2010 karena baru pada tahun 2010 websitenya aktif. Diaktifkan untuk menipu. Demikian juga data hasil pencarian tentang VGMC seperti di youtube, forum dll, semua baru ada setelah tahun 2010. Dan semua itu amatir, aroma scam nya tercium dari ribuan mil. Lalu sedikit googling dengan kata kunci vgmc scams, saya tidak menemukan kasus scam di negara lain, hanya terjadi di Indonesia. Tanya kenapa??

Kembali ke kasus nya. Modus barunya adalah para pelaku asli bisa bebas menikmati hasil kejahatan mereka. Sebenarnya relatif mudah untuk membongkar dan menyeret mereka. Anonimity di internet tidaklah seanonim yang orang kira. Ada rangkaian jejak yang bisa diselusuri. Ada petunjuk-petunjuk yang bisa mengarah ke mereka. Apalagi terindikasi kecerobohan mereka, jadi sekedar contoh, dari data PPATK pun pasti nampak jelas aliran dana hasil kejahatan mereka. Tapi ya, enak dong jadi yang jadi perintis VGMC Virgin Gold Mining Corp  di Indonesia, kan sama-sama jadi korban jadi gak bisa dituntut dong. Oh really??? Saran saya kepada para korban. Karungin aja dah. Mereka menipu biar senang hidup nya kan. Gak bisa withdraw, cancel aja hidupnya. Jebret, masuk Jahnam.

PS. Mudah-mudahan skema ini tidak terulang di bisnis MLM pak ustadz.


Free email hosting for your own domain

I think I'd share something useful. A couple months ago, a friend came and ask me to help him set a free email hosting for his domain. So as usual I sign up a free Google Apps, only to find out that it's not available anymore. A quick googling told me that there's only one work around which give us only one free email if we sign up a Google App Engine. That's not good, it's no fun. So what to do?

Oddly enough, here come Old Billie to rescue. It's still not widely known that Outlook give free email hosting, go here http://domains.live.com/ to get your own domain email hosting. It gives 50 accounts and you can request more free accounts. I don't know for how long this service will be available for free, I hope may it long continue. Enjoy.

How to trap big moves in Forex

I don't know and I don't care. I don't care 'bout the things I don't know. Haven't you heard that no one knows where the price will go? It's never about making top notch predictions about what will happen. I learn it the hard way. Tired of retweaking systems only to realize that I was chasing shadows. I always felt that I'm almost there and gutted to realize that I wasn't, never, not even close.

For now I become more ignorant. Sometimes I hit big runners and be happy about it but that's all. I don't be tempted to over analyze those trades and trying to be smart to replicate it on regular basis. It's much better focusing on how to trap our losses. Meh, really? Lol, like I said I don't care what people thinking and I don't want to be obliged to explain my self. All I can say is it's better to filter out the distortions, distraction whatsoever, to have a solid system to survive.

It's more psychological management. When we're lucky, it's good. But when the market fvck us, we can afford the losses and move on. Simple and clear. Or we'll end up with chasing our own shadow game, occupied by greed and fear, keep making similar mistakes over and over. Rather than be stressful by keep thinking you're almost there, why don't we just trap the losses and let the profit runs. Can't be more simpler. It's only 50:50 probability chances in every trade, unless you make it complicated and be paralyzed by analyses. Whenever you already have sufficient "knowledge" about the market, just focus on the psychological side, any system will work, even a toss of a coin system lol.


How to make money online?

How? I don't know. Do you? Kidding. Lol.

Well, this question haunted me more than ten years ago and I guess it still does for some people these days. The best way to find solution sometimes is to rephrase the question, make it specific etc. So it is not about how does people make money online, but it's about how do/can/will YOU make money online. Do you got what it takes? Do you know what it takes? Do you?

Passion. Persistence. Patience. Make believe, Make it happen. Those are my tantrums. Along with the Explore, Dream, Discover, my youth tantrum. You may not believe it but that's all you need, basically. It's never about what you already got or know now but how you can get and know. Yes, it will never be easy, trust me I've been there.

I've done almost all the kind of money making jobs/business. From under $1 payout to over $1k payment in single transaction. Yeah it's an ego alter statement. No shit, so how do I do that? Like I said it's not about how people do but it's more individual-wise, it's dependable, it's different for each person.

There are a lot tutorials on how to make money online, most are shits but you still can find gems somewhere somehow. And that's what matters. So first do your own favor first, do your best to find out the preliminaries requirements. Fail to do so, I guess it's best for anyone to stop dreaming about making money online. You have to find it out yourself from your own experience first. You can't expect baby sitting on this. But you are new and know nothing! So what?! Trust me, I'm saving your ass. Figure it out or forget about it. It's not a dream for everyone, prove it that you are deserve it.

So how? I don't know. No kidding this time.